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Welcome to AE Publications’ Free Online Maths Test

This test covers all the main areas of the maths curriculum for the specified age group. AE Publications is passionate about children’s numeracy. We feel it is crucial that your child’s maths skills are strong enough to meet or exceed the national standard when they move up to secondary school, otherwise they will struggle not only in maths, but also in other subjects such as physics, chemistry, IT and design technology, as they all contain numerical elements.

This test of 30 questions will give you accurate information about the current level of your child’s mathematical ability. Depending on their performance the result will also trigger recommendations and suggestions as to how our materials can help.

Prior to starting the test, please take the time to watch our video outlining guidelines for how your child should sit the test, or if you prefer you can read the written version.

To get the maximum benefit from this test we recommend you input your email address before your child starts. However, this is not mandatory, and your child will still be able to take the test should you choose not to do so.


Guidelines for how your child should sit this test
  • The test should be undertaken without a calculator or any other form of assistance.
  • Your child will need some paper, a pencil and a rubber for working-out purposes.
  • The test should be completed on a laptop or a PC, as it displays better on these types of devices, rather than on a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Your child should do the test in a quiet place where there are no distractions, and they should not be tired or rushed when they attempt it.
  • Your child should do the test in one sitting but without a time limit, as the aim is to find out what they can do, not how quickly they can do it.